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Prolouge Death and Chocolate The narrator says at first it sees "the colors" and then sees the "humans" Narrator says it can be anything but “nice” The narrator is death as it says in the book “Your soul will be in my arms” There are "A billion or so flavors" of colored sky Death says that the reason it needs a distraction is because it's really painful to watch the people who are "leftover", the ones who don't die when their loved ones do, the ones who stay behind with broken hearts. The Book Thief is a story about one of the leftovers At the end of this chapter, Death says that it "saw the book thief three times" Beside the Railway Line Death sees the color white all around, as if the world is covered in snow. Death sees two guards, a woman, her daughter, and a corpse Death is fascinated by the scene and sticks around to watch. Death leaves the train, carrying a dead boy's soul. The sister of the boy (a leftover) is "the book thief" The Eclipse This time the dead person is a 24-year-old man. Death sees a crashed airplane, smoking. Then Death sees a boy approach the airplane, carrying a toolbox. Then Death sees the book thief. The boy takes a teddy bear from the tool box and puts it on the dying pilot's chest. Then death takes the dead man's soul. The sky is dark, and there's a big crowd. The dead pilot's face is locked in a grin, and his uniform contrasts with the sky. Death says it has "seen millions" of eclipses, more than he wishes "to remember" The Flag Death is

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