Essay On The Book Thief

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Everybody goes through struggles, mine was learning to live without seeing my father everyday, when my parents got divorced. In The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak you are introduced to a character who is constantly struggling in a time period where losing someone you love is common. The book picks up in Germany 1939, while Hitler was in power. Zusak does not make it easy to read this book, he pulls you in and gets you attached to the characters, and when they die you feel the loss. He uses excellent imagery such as “She died in a suburb of Sydney. The house number was forty-five - the same as the Fiedlers’ shelter - and the sky was the best blue of afternoon.”. The author is trying to get the message across that humans can be good and bad at the same time, this can be proven by seeing Deaths comments on humans ability to do just this. Through his use of imagery, atmosphere, and tone, Zusak shows the reader the mountain liesel has to climb, the struggles Liesel has to go through; such as death, not having enough support, and losing friends. He shows us the horrible conditions she went through to finally get her happy ending at the end of this book.
Death is always an obstacle, and Liesel witnesses a fair amount of death in her lifetime. At the very beginning of the book it opens up with Liesel’s brother dying, while they are on their way to a foster home. “The book thief and her brother were traveling down toward Munich, where they would soon be given over to foster parents. We

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