Essay On The Castle

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The lush interior features paintings by Leonardo, Holbein and Rembrandt, collection of French furniture’s and carvings by Grinling Gibbons. From The door of the main entrance from the porch is guarded by anther opens into hall there wooden chimneypiece painted to imitate stone. Leather wall hangings stamped with the Douglas winged heart, etc..The terrace and the main entrance is reached from the forecourt by a divided horse shoe stair with a striking balustrade. The mouldings of the balustrade follow in parallel the curve of the flight of the stairs resulting in very complex geometry.
The entrance tower is decorated and it highlights the function of the space. The decorated entrance arch near the door gives a royal …show more content…

They planned lavish entertainment to be there and mountains of food prepared for the royal visit. The garden’s colourful heritage and rich diversity are almost as inspiring as the sights and smells of the plants themselves. The Garden makes a pleasant feel and greenish rich heritage for the people, as a good part the Staff of castle maintaining the heritage gardens properly in sustainable way so that even in future the castle will remain with its own significance of the past.As a construction material they have used pink sandstone brought from the Queensberry quarry, lead for the roof, and also took great care in selection of stones for each part, the selection of the material made this as a unique structure.Each Architectural element is designed in a unique way starting from the entrance it creates a big impact on the balustrades of the entrance staircase, next to that the vault is designed and decorated with beautiful carvings on three sides, from the north entrance wing they enter and gather at the central courtyard with four towers surrounded and topped with pot-turrets. On top of each window its decorated with pediment and carved the emblem as a signature mark to the building The balustrades everywhere set diagonally, these

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