The Crystal Palace And The Maison De Verre

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The Crystal Palace, located in London, England, was constructed in 1851 by Joseph Paxton. Having been the world’s first structure to be built entirely out of glass, it has inspired and influenced many glass frame construction throughout the years. It held many exhibitions during its lifetime and hosted thousands of people from around the world. Unfortunately, the great Crystal Palace had a major design flaw that inevitable caused its great destruction: flammable wood flooring and glass frame work. The Palace caught fire and a sunny day in November 1936 and was never rebuilt. One of the many buildings that were influenced by the Crystal Palace was the Masison de Verre in Paris, France. The Maison de Verre was building in 1932 for a rich doctor who used the home as both a living space and his office. The designer had to design the space in such a way that accommodated the doctor’s needs. For the purpose of this paper, I will be comparing the structure of both the Crystal Palace and the Maison de Verre. Joseph Paxton was born in August 1803 in London England and died June of 1865. Paxton’s educational background was in architectural gardening. He was a Member of Parliament and was contracted to design a lot of green houses for the government. For Joseph, the Crystal Palace was his greatest master piece. He wanted the exhibit space to be grand, modern and something that has never been made in the Victorian Era. His approach was to design the building with new and

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