Essay On The Causes Of The Black Death Dbq

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During the mid-thirteenth century to the fourteenth century, an outbreak of a disease called the Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, occurred. It was a very deadly disease that killed approximately one-third of the population of both Europe and the Middle East based on the Student Guide Sheet. It was spread by black rats to fleas then to humans. The infected fleas from the rats would land on the humans, causing them to get the disease. It was spread across the world from China to Europe based on Document One. When the disease struck, it questioned followers of both Christianity and Islam. How would their followers deal with this deadly disease? Each religion looked at the disease differently. This paper will inform you of how differently the Christians…show more content…
In Document Five, section one, some of the causes in Europe included the following: excessive clothing, outrageous fashion, and impurities in the air carried by warm southern winds. In the Middle East, some of the causes based on document five were abundance of shooting stars, a stench carried by the wind of Mongol bodies from Crimea, and evil fairies and demons. Also in Document Five, section two, it talked about the preventions of the plague. In Europe, they prevented the Black Death by covering windows with wax cloth, avoiding sleeping on their back, and breathing in latrine vapors. In the Middle East, they prevented the deadly disease by consuming pumpkin seeds and pickled onions, staying indoors, and avoiding sad talk. Some similarities in both Europe and the Middle East were building fires and drinking liquefied, Armenian clay. Overall, Christians and Muslims had different thoughts and opinions of the causes and preventions of the Black Death. In conclusion, the Black Death caused a lot of destruction and havoc for the followers of both Christianity and Islam. Each religion responded in different ways to the deadly disease. Muslims thought the plague was a blessing sent from God. But, Christians thought it was a curse from God. After all, both religions were impacted and affected by the deadly disease, The Black
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