Essay On The Causes Of The Civil War

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The Civil war was extremely significant as it impacted and shaped the future of America. Approximately 620,000 lives were lost during the war, which goes to show how the North and South were engaging in battles on a tremendous scale. Both Northerners and Southerners were ready to lose their lives over the values they held dear. However, the causes of the civil war were quite simple as it detailed the specifics on why the war came about. The civil war was not caused by extremism and a failure of leadership on both sides, but rather due to the distinct social and labor systems within the North and the South.
The north sustained an economic system ran on free labor. Factories were prominent and the industrial system prospered in the North.
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This compromise came to fruition due to California wanting to be admitted as a free state. Southerners feared that the admission of California as a free state would make slaveholding interest a minority in congress. Southerners felt that the foundation of the U.S. Government was built on rights such as deciding whether the state is a free state or slave state (Doc 7). The south wanted to expand slavery as it was a part of their social structure and admission of new states in the U.S. meant that the South’s culture was being slowly erased. The Compromise of 1850 was only a means to make the south content with the admission of a free state; a means that would only last a few years.
Slavery was very important to the south. The very culture of the south was centered on the institution of slavery. In 1854, the Kansas Nebraska act was passed which stated that the people within the territories of Kansas and Nebraska would decide themselves whether it be a slave state or not. This meant that if chosen by the people, Kansas and Nebraska (both states north of north of latitude 36°30) could become slave states. After the Kansas Nebraska act was passed many northerners were angry as it violated the Missouri compromise. Northerners felt that the Kansas Nebraska
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