The Causes of the Civil War Essay example

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Who would have thought that a nation could split and turn on each other? The Civil war has main causes, key people, and battles. All of the people, events, and causes effected how the war came to be and how the Civil War was fought. The important people of the Civil war made important decisions that may have caused one side to a victory or a horrific lose. The battles of the war were bloody and devastating, and the causes of the Civil War show how different the North was from the South. Many people know the Civil War was extremely significant, but most people don't know what caused this major battle in history. Sectionalism was one cause of the Civil Wars main causes. Sectionalism means loyalty to your state or union rather than your …show more content…

The Act caused even more controversy. Dred Scott was a slave in a slave state, but then moved to a free state, so he thought that he was now a free person. The court decided he was not a free person because he was still property. In addition, the Missouri and Main became a free state. This was named the Missouri Compromise. It stated that no more states north of the new boundary could become a slave state, which angered some who needed slaves to run their farms. (Wise...) The controversy over slaves ultimately led to the secession. Abraham Lincoln thinks slavery is wrong and he wants to stop it from spreading. Earlier, he had warned that slavery could separate a nation. In the 1860 election Lincoln is elected, but southerners are worried he will end slavery forever. Southern states start to secede because they are worried. First South Carolina succeeds, then North, Texas, and then Florida too. They give themselves a new name called the Confederate States of America. (Wise...) The Civil war kicked off and many key people were responsible for important things that happened in the war. Ulysses S. Grant was one of them. He was born in 1822. He was a skilled warrior and rose to the rank of captain in the military. He resigned from the military in 1854. Grant tried farming for a little and was not successful., so he rejoined the military as a general in the Civil War. Then he served for president in 1869 for two terms and died in 1885.(National...) Robert E. Lee was born

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