Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death penalty plays a controversial role in modern society. Many arguments against the death penalty are raised to question whether it is biased against race or violates the constitution. Reuben Greenberg, the first black police chief involved in innovative criminology and author of the article “Race, the Criminal Justice System, and Community-Oriented Policing,” openly shares his opinion on how race does not affect the death penalty. Reuben Greenberg also proves false accusations of the death penalty wrong. Jack Greenberg, American attorney and author of "Against the American System of Capital Punishment,” disagrees with Reuben Greenberg's statement, and claims that race does hold a high position within the death penalty. Aside from …show more content…

Along with this, Reuben Greenberg believes that you have to look past a person's skin color and judge them on their crime, not their looks. Haag agrees with Reuben Greenberg's statement on how people shouldn't judge someone just because of their race.
The subject of race can become very biased, and many people feel as if the justice system can be racist towards minorities. In my opinion, race should not play a role in death penalty. Although there are still many racist people in the world, crimes should be prosecuted based on the crime committed, regardless of the person’s race. Many white people are on death row currently for the same crimes a minority might commit. In the world today, many controversial events have happened dealing with race along with the justice system. For example, there have been multiple incidents where a white officer has been charged with shooting a black person. It is thought that if a white judge is sentencing a minority, the odds of the minority getting put on death row would be in favor. A judge must have an opinion when it comes to sentencing a criminal, but it does not always have to be the “race card”. The severity of the crime should be the real reason as to why a person would be put on death row, not their skin color. If a minority commits a crime worthy of the death sentence, the judge has the right to sentence that upon him, regardless of looking at his skin.

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