Essay On The Elizabethan Era

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Elizabethan Era Then and now

Elizabethan Era is one of many memorable and important events in England. It got its name from Queen Elizabeth, the queen who ruled that era. The Elizabethan age is an era that inspired national pride through classical ideals, poetry, literature, and more. There are three aspects the states that the Elizabethan era as the “Golden Age” and it is their military power, government, and most importantly culture. The first aspect is their government; the backbone of the period. The government is divided into 3 parts. The first and most important one is Monarch it is comprised of the king or queen of England, and the monarch ruling at this era was Queen Elizabeth I. The monarch …show more content…

During this period your life is determined by your gender or your wealth. Their clothing varied among their social classes, with that being said a person who wears old or lame clothes would be in the lower class such as farmers and the people who wear nice or extravagant clothes would be in the higher class such as nobles. Today people can wear anything that they want to wear; a poor person can have stylish clothes and the rich could wear old or dirty clothes. Their entertainment was extremely important to the people who lived in the Elizabethan era. Elizabethan entertainment was popular when there was something to celebrate and it often occurred nightly, but there were different types of entertainment among the classes in England. Rich would do things which the poor couldn’t do or afford such as watch plays, go hunting, jousts among knights, and more. The poor or the middle class would simply just listen to travelling musicians and actors or to watch public plays. Today rich could only have entertainment, because the poor has to work to feed themselves and has no spare money to do such lavish things such as watching movies, going to a basketball game, or go to a concert. During this period women were considered inferior to men and were not allowed to have a job, this required men to become the sole source of the family income and to represent it. They would usually work their whole life to provide for their family and to

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