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From I to We The Great Depression was a time in history when almost everyone suffered. The novel The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck depicts a family, the Joads, moving to California because the bank had taken their home and land. Many families were moving away to try to find work so that they could provide for their children. Families that were once one, later became two. The Joad family wanted to stick together because they thought that was all they could do to get through this unpleasant situation. Anybody who had anything gave help to those in need. These times were when the Wallaces gave Tom food and helped him find a job, when the people at the government camp gave aid to those who needed it, when Sairy and Ivy Wilson helped the…show more content…
Mis’ Joyce, you knowed that,” she said sternly. “How come you let your girls git hungry?” “We ain’t never took no charity,” Mrs. Joyce said. “This ain’t no charity, an’ you know it,” Jessie raged. “We had all that out. They ain’t no charity in this here camp. We won’t have no charity. Now you waltz right over an’ git you some grocteries, an’ you bring the slip to me” (Steinbeck 431). This paragraph shows how the government was so good to the people who were in need of help. Those who had something, tried to help those who did not have anything. Once the family got to California, they soon realized how few jobs were available. They went all around looking for work, but never found it. They heard about a government camp in Weedpatch. They arrived there and found out that this is the place to be. The family went to sleep, and Tom awoke earlier than the others. He met Timothy and Wilkie Wallace eating breakfast. They offered him some food and Tom gladly accepted. After talking for a while, the Wallace’s mentioned a job. “We’re laying some pipe. ‘F you want to walk over with us, maybe we can get you on” (Steinbeck 397). The Wallace’s could have easily kept the job to themselves so they would get the money, but they did not. This shows that they did what they could do for their fellow neighbor, even when times were bad. Many families traveling to California would stop on the side of the road, a lot of times, wherever there was water. The Joad family meet Ivy

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