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Day 1… Paige inhaled the fresh aroma of wood as she stepped into the new house with a suitcase and a box full of pictures and memories that she brought with her. It was a medium-sized house. White plastered on the walls, which seemed like it was starting to peel off. The sight of cobwebs wrapped around the furniture along with white sheets that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. Dust covered every inch of the house and the wet smell of wood lingered in the air, sending chills cascading down her back and goosebumps that trailed down her arms and legs. But what caught her eye, out of everything, was the large portrait hanging on the steps. A man, women, and boy. She studied the sight of the boy who looked unhappy in it. He looked …show more content…

It was currently 7:00 PM. Paige and Tyler’s mom decided to go out to the store and get some more things for the house while leaving them alone. The sunset and the clouds scattered in, making the sky gloomier and darker. They were both sitting on the couch, Tyler was watching television and Paige was on her phone. A sudden sound of glass shattering rang in their eardrums and they both bounced up. “What was that?” Paige scarcely asked.
“Uh, I don’t know.” Tyler trembled.
They both got up and walked toward the steps where Paige saw that The Keller family picture was now in pieces. Glass shreds all over the wooden floor… “Did you do this?” Paige questioned her little brother.
“I WAS SITTING WITH YOU!” He pointed out.
“Maybe it was the wind.” Looking at the window that was left open. “Just help me clean it up before mom comes home.”
Day 3…
After a whole day spent outside gardening for the house, it was 6:50 PM and time for Paige to get a shower. As the warm droplets of water hit her hair and ran down her, smoothing out her hair she noticed the color of the water changed. She jumped out and saw the water went from clear to yellow. She grabbed a towel, still dripping wet, and took a step back examining the shower. All of a sudden she felt a breeze dance across her back and she turned to the right and looked into the mirror and at the moment she saw the boy, standing directly behind her. The one from the picture that fell down yesterday. The boy

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