Essay On The House On Mango Street

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What does a house represent? For most people a house is a shelter from the weather, a safe environment, a place where one finds stability and strength, and where family gets together. In the novel written by Sandra Cisneros, “The House on Mango Street”, the author tries to explain that every person owns a home with which an individual identifies, it describes who one is, and determined by how a individual view itself, and so it is what makes every person unique. However, for Esperanza, the House on Mango Streets symbolizes the struggles they went through and the poverty they live in. In the first short story The House on Mango Street, Esperanza Cordero, describes the place where she and her family were living in as a deteriorated building …show more content…

She wanted to be a successful woman one day, and to be one she needed to go to the Catholic school, as her father had told her. The Catholic school was expensive and her parents did not have the means to cover with all the tuition that is why she was in need to start working. Esperanza says that in order to get hired at the Peter Pan Phone Finishers, she had to say the she was a year older (Cisneros 54). This demonstrates how deprived the Cordero family were. That in order for Esperanza to attend a good school, she had to work as such a young age and even lied about her age so she can get the job. In conclusion, the House on Mango Street to Esperanza symbolizes the battles they experienced and the neediness they went through in order to succeed. Moving from one home to another, hoping that the next one was going to be a better home or the one they always dream about. The neighborhood Esperanza lived in where everyone struggles to survive. Also the motivation that Esperanza had to one day leave The House on Mango Street, to a better place, a better home with a beautiful front and back yard, and lots of tress surrounding her

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