Essay On The Karin Schaeffer Series

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The Karin Schaeffer series are a series of novels by Katie Lief an award winning and bestselling author of thriller mysteries. Katie introduced the Karin Schaeffer series of novels with You are Next the first novel in the series. Soon after publication the novel became a huge success topping many bestseller lists in the United States and the UK and receiving a plethora of awards soon after. With the novel garnering so much attention from fans and critics, Lief went on to write several more novels in the series to write three more novels between 2010 and 2013. The lead character in the series is Karin Schaeffer who is New York City detective who loses her taste for the American dream when her daughter and husband fall victim to a vicious serial …show more content…

Over the course of the novels she grows professionally and personally. She gets promotion to senior vice president of the Forensic Security of Quest Security before quitting to become a private investigator alongside her husband Mac. What is intriguing about Karin Schaeffer is that just when she thinks that things are going well for her, something always comes along to make her up her game and improve her skills if she is to protect herself and her family. Nonetheless, Karin is no slouch and will always come out fighting for the people she loves, which makes her such a relatable heroine. Alongside Karin is a range of characters that recur from previous titles the most important of which is Mac who goes from work partner to her husband in subsequent titles. However Mac is not the perfect one dimensional man that he seems as he has a dark past that often comes back to put the family in danger. But it is not only Mac who is not what he seems to be as many other characters in the novels seem like heroes before they show their true colors. This aspect increases the sense of distrust and anticipation of just what will happen next thus keeping the reader fully immersed in the

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