Tragic Imagination: Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay

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An individual’s imagination is an incredible and persuasive influence on his or her actions. Imagination is defined by Google as “the. . . action of forming new images or concepts . . . not present to the senses.” Many tales and stories have a protagonist with a game-changing imagination. Imagination often persuades people to think one way or another, even though it is often obvious that the reality is much different from their perception. In William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, the main character is often influenced by his imaginative mind, and evidence of this can be found in three scenes: act 2, scene 2 after the murder of king Duncan; act 3, scene 4 when banquo’s ghost haunts the feast; and act 5, scene 3 before the final battle. To …show more content…

Lady Macbeth, being the only other one in the room who knows at this point what has happened, tries to excuse her husband’s actions. Not only does this scene ad more to the guilty conscience of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, but it sets many of the people of the country into unrest and suspicion over their king(later called “tyrant”)’s actions. At this point in the play, people such as Macduff start to piece together the puzzle and figure out that Macbeth has done all the killing but has attempted to blame it on others. Finally, act 5 scene 3 adds to the plot by using Macbeth’s stubbornness of the witches prophecy against him. Because of the seemingly impossible requirements that need to be met before Macbeth’s death, Macbeth develops a feeling of immortality to all things. In line 2, he reports, “Till Birnam Wood to Dunsinane I cannot taint with fear.” The reality of this event’s likelihood has struck Macbeth. This makes him seemingly unaware and unprepared for the army that approaches the castle and lessens the distance every hour. At this point in the story, Macbeth can be seen as either a protagonist or an antagonist. Macduff seems to be the one working for the cause of good, while Macbeth strives for power and immortality. This statement that Macduff makes leads us to the climax of our story, where the thought and imagination of Macbeth get’s ruined by the reality of Macduff’s birth. Obviously, Shakespeare was a very creative author at using his

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