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The book “Lawn Boy” is written by Gary Paulsen and out of all his books that I have read, this one is my favorite. The story takes place in the narrator's neighborhood in which he mows lawns and starts his career in a very astonishing way.

The lawn boy never stated his name so i’m just gonna call him lawn boy. The lawn boy was the founder of his “business’’ which i will get into detail on the next paragraph. He is also the main character. Arnold is the guy who helped the lawn boy build his business to riches in a pretty awesome way. Those are the two main characters.

The lawn boy had recently turned 12 years old and his grandmother had given him a ride-on mower that was recently owned by his grandfather. Although it took him a few minutes to figure out how to work this mower he later figured it out and he started to mow his very small lawn. After he was done with his lawn, someone approached him and asked him if he would mow their lawn for $20. That was when his business started. After he was done with mowing that lawn, several people approached him and
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After the brief discussion he agreed with arnold and they were on their way! They quickly began and Arnold invested money into different things for him which turned out to be the best thing that would ever happen to the lawn boy. As the days went on he had more and more lawns to mow each day along with more and more money. After a couple days he had already worked up over $1,000 and arnold decided it was time to invest in something very helpful and needed very much. Workers. Arnold had invested in some of his cousins that needed work for the summer and the day they were hired was the day when they all went to work. As the days went on arnold invested the money into things that he didn’t know about but as time passed more greater and greater things happen as arnold invested in
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