Essay On The Silk Road

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Speaker notes Slide 1: The silk road. The cultural link between countries in Europe and asia Slide 2: My most important questions are how did the silk road affect the Chinese culture and what goods other than silk were traded on the silk road. My other questions are, did people die on the silk road, if so how many people died on the silk road, how long was the Silk road and over what terrain did it run, which countries benefited and traded on the Silk road, which dynasty began the silk road and how powerful was it, is the silk road still in use, if so who uses it, and how much did the silk road profit China in a year. On the slide, they are in what I consider to be the order of importance. Slide 3: This a map of silk road. The red represents the silk road on land and the dark blue is the silk road over the seas. Slide 4: The silk road is over 4,000 miles long over land. It crossed over many different land formations. Some formations are, the Himalaya mountain range and the Gobi desert. Other formations include things like Tarim Basin, the Tian Shan mountain range and the Syrian Desert. Some of the diverse geographical formations did make the Silk road a perilous journey however. This meant that few merchants ever traversed the entire thing. Slide 5 : If you traveled over land, some countries you …show more content…

The silk road started because of general Zhang Qian. When he went on a diplomatic mission in 139 BC, he was captured by the people he was trying to make peace with, the Xiongnu. He escaped 13 years later and found his way back to China. He then gave the emperor a detailed report. The emperor, happy with the accuracy of the report sent him on another journey to neighbouring kingdoms in 119 BC.He used a huge network of trade routes. These became known as the Silk road. The Han Dynasty became very wealthy and powerful through the silk road trade. The Han Dynasty ruled from 202 BC to 220

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