Essay On The Story Chapter 1

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The bridge to the Bird Tower was slippery. For three months now, it had rained steadily, and last month the wind had started too. As it howled up out of the rift below, the wind snatched at the cloak of the stocky man crossing the bridge, his broad-brimmed hat clapped to his head. The mancer refused to think about the wind. There had been too much talk of that lately. He marched with his head down, one arm clutching his battered leather briefcase. His rundown bootheels clattered on the wet stones. To his left, the bridge dropped away into a chasm three quarters of a mile deep. There was no railing. If he fell, he would have plenty of time to scream. But he wasn’t going to think about that either. At the entrance, safely out of the rain, …show more content…

The brass key on his belt opened the padlock. Leather case tucked under his arm, he stepped inside. The stink hit him like a mouthful of wet cloth. The mancer swallowed the urge to gag. Underfoot, fouled rushes scratched the floor, and an old slop bucket overflowed its contents - but the source of the smell seemed to be the small figure his lamp revealed, chained to the far wall. She was skinny, ragged. The bones stood out against her fish-pale skin. A snarl of dull gold hair hung long to her waist, obscuring part of her face. Her features themselves might have been pretty, once – broad across the cheekbones, with full lips and a small, firm chin. Now the skin stretched tightly over the bones. There were muddy circles under her eyes, and the left was ringed in purple - a recent bruise. There were older bruises, too, on the long legs that stuck out from her sackcloth dress, and on her arms. The worst were at her wrists and ankles, where the heavy manacles had cut into the skin, leaving angry welts. Both wrist and foot bore a second set of chains, attached attached to metal symbols – moons, stars, runes – and they jangled together as she stirred. Enoch recognized those chains, though he had not seen them used in twenty-one years. They were the chains forged to hold a mancer. She was looking at him, he realised. Green eyes glared out from under a lank fall of hair. Enoch raised the lamp, and for a moment, the eyes almost seemed to glow, like a cat’s. He sucked in a

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