Essay On The Story Of A Short Story

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'Whenever Daddy had the day off work, we would visit the shops, or ride on the tram. He’d let me ride up top so I could see all the sights. And Clog loved going for a walk in the park'
'Can you tell us what happened to your parents?' asked Flossie.
'Well, they conscripted Daddy into the army at the start of the Great Seaboard Wars. Then in 1940, they shipped him abroad but he never came home. Some people said I should feel proud that he died for his country. But it wasn't fair. They should never have had a war in the first place. Then none of this would have happened.
Anyway, after that, they bombed the city. The yard I played in turned to rubble and all my friend’s houses gone. Even our school took a direct hit. Then a month ago, me and Mummy watched a newsreel at the Picture Palace. Halfway through the show, the air raid sirens blared out and huge bombs fell out of the sky. So, we made a run for the nearest shelter, but I lost sight of Mummy amongst the pushing and shoving. Hours and hours, I waited, but I never…I never saw her...again.'
‘You are such a brave girl,’ whispered Lord Fox, then wrapped her in a hug as she fought back the tears.
'Me and Clog roamed the streets for days, searching for scraps of food and a dry place to sleep at night. But then a warden found us. A few days later, they found my next of kin - Harry Jewel. I’d never met him before and Mummy never spoke of him.'
The Sprigs settled on her lap but she was miles away with her thoughts
‘Each night, I

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