Essay On Underground Railroad

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Underground railroads have been prominent in history since the early nineteenth century. Throughout time, numerous different underground railroads have been created for many different purposes, all liberating those subject to slavery or poverty. Modern slavery, known as human trafficking, usually affects immigrants who do not completely know their rights or who are tricked into a “job” that does not fit its original description. This applies to Unwind due to the way the kids are treated and the fact that they must escape their fate by travelling this underground railroad and reaching “the promise land” which welcomes them to freedom and safety.
The history of the underground railroad dates back to one original “railroad” which was a …show more content…

Currently, the Resource Center has a hotline to call if someone has been enslaved or trafficked. The Research Center has already rescued heaps of Americans subject to slavery. This underground railroad rescues hundreds of people daily and prepares them for new lives and provides them with as much help as needed to get on their feet. In an article written by Deseret News Utah, it states, “We spend a lot of time reaching out to labor rights, immigration, sexual assault and domestic violence organizations trying to find someone to help our victims," (Stuart, Elizabeth). This illustrates that there are abounding organizations and people out there to assist and rescue those subject to trafficking, just as in the 1800’s there was a large network of people to aid those in need of help and the various innocent Americans on the run from the undeserving slavery they had endured and were yet to endure. In short, there are currently countless organizations to help fight human trafficking and slavery today creating a modern underground railroad of sorts.
In today’s society, without underground railroads and other forms of assistance to those being enslaved or trafficked, numerous Americans would be forced into slavery and trafficking, and would not be able to receive assistance when this has occurred. An immeasurable amount of Americans and immigrants have been rescued from enslavement and the number is constantly rising, lessening the still growing population of trafficked

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