Essay On Vampires And Zombies

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The words, “Pop culture is more and more about skulls and skeletons and zombies and vampires, and that’s not just on Halloween” were said by Michael Almereyda who is a film director of America. Similarly, the essays “Vampires Never Die,” and “Our Zombies, Ourselves: Why we can’t get the undead off our brains” from Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, and James Parker respectively point out about the zombies and vampires. Vampires, and zombies are the creatures of the night. Vampires feed on human blood, while zombies feed on human brains. Vampires are depicted as handsome, fascinating, appealing pale human beings that prefer feasting on human blood. While, zombies are depicted as vicious flesh-eating creatures. They have become popular…show more content…
If youth is desire married with unending possibility, then vampire lust creates within us a delicious void, one we long to fulfill” (Del Toro and Hogan 283). However, vampires never die in the mind of humans. “Our Zombies, Ourselves: Why we can’t get the undead off our brains” is an article written by James Parker in The Atlantic in 2011. He stated that “we might reasonably have expected the first modern zombies to start showing up around 1919” (_______________). It means that zombies came in the 19th century. In this article, Parker discusses the historical background of zombies. Also, he raises remarkably captivating point on the infamy of zombies, and a short timeline on zombies. In addition, he talks about the different sorts of popular cultures which include zombies and are utilized, for example, the movies like Night of the Living Dead, White Zombie, the books like Zombie Haiku, The Zen of Zombie, and the television series like The Walking Dead. Indeed, by using these references, the author helps demonstrate to people about how zombies appear to incessantly lure their interest. Also, the author explained in his article about how the zombies arose, and which prominent movies began to truly make the zombie what it is in these days. In addition, he discusses the role and development of zombies. Also, he stated that people did not reached the peak point of zombies. Nowadays, people
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