Our Zombies Ourselves

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The name of the article is Our Zombies, Ourselves written by James Parker. In this article Parker discusses the historical backdrop of zombies and talks about where it is that they started from. Parker additionally raises exceptionally fascinating point on the notoriety of zombies and a short timeline on zombies. He also talks of different sorts of popular cultures which incorporate zombies and are utilized, for example, the movies Night of the Living Dead, White Zombie, the books The Zen of Zombies, Zombie Haiku, and the television series The Walking Dead.. By utilizing these references Parker helps demonstrate to us how zombies appear to ceaselessly draw our interest. The article additionally educates the reader about how zombies came …show more content…

Many movies like World War Z specifically suggest that hand to head weapons are more effective than guns and projectiles.
The idea of the end being near is yet again what has been reached and get associated with zombies, the fear of zombies is no more the sole fear of zombies but has become the fear of a zombie apocalypse. Anyhow every rendition in its own

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