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Section B: Applications Waging War (Zuo Zhan) [Chapter 2] “Economy (cost) of war and how success requires making the winning play, which in turn, requires limiting the cost of competition and conflict.” (Sun Zi’s Arts of War translated by Professor Wee Chow-Hou, 2003) For this philosophy, we can link to some business applications of Vente-privee, an E-commence company. Vente-privee created a unique identity in order to achieve improvement for its entire operation. The identities are innovation, creativity, diversity, responsibility, trust, and fun. However, all of the identities are more than mere core values at, they’re practically part of Vente-privee’s company DNA. Vente-privee already made a strong identity for an innovative concept by privileged relationship with their brands and their members and…show more content…
In order to compete in the fierce competition, the company has to know about the competitors and itself. Company has to be clear about what its competitors are doing to fight back as well as knowing what the company itself is doing and whether it is capable or not to survive. Vente-privee is always clear about its performance by performing SWOT analysis to understand its strengths and weaknesses. For example, one of the strength of Vente-privee is it has a high profitability and revenue; while one of the weaknesses is the company does not have enough variety of product. Besides, Vente-privee understands the importance of leadership. Leadership development has been the most important factor for a company to succeed. It is because a particular company or organization takes on the personality of its leader. Thus, the attitude of the leader will directly influence the company performance and productivity. Being a good leader, he has to make the company different from its competitors in order to

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