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Voodoo was brought to the Americas about 260 years ago. The African
Slave Coast grew around 1650 and the raids then began about 1720. Majority of
Africa was sold and shipped to the West Indies, and New Orleans. They were ruled by the French and the Spanish, who were very harsh owners. Life for the slaves was full of misery and agony. They were treated so brutally because the white captors feared an uprising of the slaves. For example, the captors treated the slaves as if they were inhumane. They would break them down, mentally and emotionally until they've lost all identification of self and could be worked from dawn till dusk with no refusal. The slaves were tortured until they were considered
“tamed” enough, and then they were sold to plantations. …show more content…

On January 1 of 1804 Haiti declared its independence and was set free from the ruling of France after a successful slave revolt and became the world's first black republic. But how did a religion influence this type of accomplishment?

What is Voodoo?
Voodoo is a religion that was practiced in South US and the Caribbean. It is a combination of African, Catholic, and Native American Traditions. People who practice this religion are called “Voodooist”. They believe that there is a distant and protecting supreme creator. His name is Bondye, however since he doesn't include himself in the lives of his believer, and cannot be contacted directly, voodooist instead call out to spirits that obey Bondye called Loa (spirits). They respect these spirits and go to them for guidance in times of trouble. Unlike most religions, Voodoo does not have world authority. Due to the fact that it was once banned and is to this day, misunderstood. People are no longer vocal about
Voodoo being their religion, only a select few.

What are common beliefs in Voodooism?
Voodooist believe that spirit is everything. There is a visible world, and an unseen world, they believe that there's worlds are intertwined and the

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