Essay On Westernization

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The two countries I chose are China and Russia. The two activists I looked into are Liu Xiaobo from China, and Nikolai Girenko from Russia. Both activists are now dead, and both activists were heavily against nationalist extremism in their own country. Liu Xiaobo grew up in a family of intellectuals, with both his mother and father being university professors. In terms of education, Liu went to university at the Department of Chinese Literature at Jilin University. He graduated with a BA in literature before being admitted to the Department of Chinese Literature at Beijing Normal University as a research student, where he received an MA and PhD in literature and began teaching as a lecturer thereafter. On the cultural side, Liu always …show more content…

He also went on tours of the U.S. to spread awareness. Liu spent a lot of time in jail for his activities, specifically for his involvement in Tiananmen Square. Additionally, even after getting out of jail, the Chinese government kept him under constant surveillance, and often times under house arrest. Liu also won a Nobel Peace Prize, but the Chinese Government refused to acknowledge it. Liu died in the Hospital in 2017 after suffering from liver cancer in jail.
In my opinion, Liu’s treatment just goes to show how much different of an environment we in the U.S. are privileged to live in. His name is constantly censored in China, so the people of China can’t legally learn about it besides through word of mouth.
Nikolai Girenko is a Russian ethnologist who also worked as a translator for Soviets in Tanzania. Nikolai went to school at Leningrad University and graduated in African studies. He shortly after began teaching at the university.
Nikolai was elected to the first democratic lensovet and was a part of the ethnic minorities rights group, marking the direction the majority of his career would take. He also managed the scientific and education programs in order to foster tolerance at the university. Later he evolved this into the first European Conference for the Rights of Ethnic Minorities.
As far as his human rights contributions go, Nikolai provided more than twenty expert examinations at the request of law enforcement bodies. Many

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