Essay On Why Athletes Should Be Paid

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There are hundreds upon thousands of athletes around the world who get paid millions of dollars a year while some nurses, doctors, and firefighters, who save people’s lives, wouldn’t make that much in an entire lifetime of working. I don’t believe athletes should make as much as they do. The President is a well respected and well known person who runs the entire country and makes less than some athletes in the world. Obviously, athletes are paid a tremendous amount, but that could make the people who have extremely important jobs feel negligible. Athletes work extremely hard to be able to go into an athletic career, and I do believe they deserve to be paid like any other hard-working citizen in America. However, I don’t believe they should be paid millions and thousands more than some people that have risked their lives for others, and …show more content…

Even though they have little time throughout their career, they can still make millions or billions of dollars. In five years, Lebron James will have been paid a total of three hundred and fifty five million dollars, and that is without profit from clothes and merchandise. He roughly makes $377,603 a game. That is more than half of what a nurse makes in a year. This says a lot about our society. If we pay athletes more than we do the people who work just as hard, that says that we honestly can’t see who really deserves it. It also says that we, as people and American citizens, don’t know the definition of hard work and fairness. Many people believe athletes deserve every penny they make, but other people believe the amount they receive should be dispelled. Anyone who has a job has to pay bills, and if you choose not to, you go to jail. A lot of people struggle and are deluged with paying bills and feeding their family. Athletes can throw their money around, pay bills, and still have some leftover to go to a five star restaurant and pay for their entire

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