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Wicca is a personal, positive religion that is based on respect of nature and celebration of all things that exist in the physical and ethereal world. Practitioners of Wicca follow the precepts of Shamanism, which is believed to be the first "religion" on Earth.

Most practitioners of Wicca commune with the Goddess and God during rituals that allow them to understand and guide these energies which created our Universe. These rituals are usually enhanced by the use to tools, chants, music, dancing, etc. that increases the practitioner's mental acuity and intuition to high levels not easily available in most other religious practices.

These altered states of consciousness allowed human beings to communicate with the powerful energies of the Universe and persuade them to move in the direction of their intentions. Stated simply, many practitioners of Wicca are able to change the direction of their future. This ability of these practitioners is called Magick and the actions that are required to perform Magick are called Spells.
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By communing with the deities and listening to the messages from nature, they understand what needs to be done and go about doing it.

The most important rule of the Wicca (or the Craft as it is called) is that people can choose to do anything so long as it doesn't harm anyone. Wiccans believe in reincarnation and the thee-fold Law which states that the effect of what we do to others will return to us three fold. As a result of this dogma, Wiccans usually stay away from negative Magick, for if they practice it, they will feel the devastating effects of their actions.

Wiccans are practitioners and not followers because they do not "follow" anyone. This way of life believes that each one of us is capable of communing and communicating with the Powerful energies that created
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