Essay On Women's Role In Ww2

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Women’s Roles during World War II Prior to World War II, most people believed that the women’s place was in the home. While some women did work outside of the home, it was work that was seen as being suitable for ladies. However, during World War II, all of this changed. With the encouragement of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, women began to take on new jobs doing whatever they could to help with the war efforts. When men left to fight in the war, companies started using propaganda to urge women to step up and take the men’s place. Some propaganda encouraged them to join the war by making the women believe that they could have a great impact on the soldier’s lives and possibly help the United States win the war quicker. One of the most famous …show more content…

Most of the women in uniform served as nurses and clerks, where they fulfilled vital communication and record-keeping services. The women that became soldiers performed more traditional male tasks, such as serving as gunnery instructors, mechanics and truck drivers. More than 1,000 women even flew combat aircraft from domestic manufactures to overseas bases. I believe that without the support of the women wartime workers and volunteers, the soldiers that were fighting would have gone without the necessities and supplies that the women working in the factories provided or the support from the war bonds that the women raised money for. Following World War II, the overall percentage of women in the workforce fell to 28 percent, with women choosing to either, stay at home and raise their families, or they were laid off so that the positions were open to the returning veterans. The dominant attitude was that women needed to return to their homes and raise their children, but the seed had been planted in women’s minds that there was a possibility of paid employment outside of the home. Those women that worked during the war opened the door, allowing the following generations of women to enter the industrial workforce and become

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