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Once upon a time there was a husband and his wife living happily ever after in their small community with their daughter. It seemed everything was perfect inside the 4 walls of their humble home. The little girl would play with her toys while her parents talked and laughed. Everything was perfect. Then the election was coming up with candidates and debates. Soon the candidate became the president and soon the community became unwelcoming. The president seemed to have made it seem that what he was saying was okay or should be the normal. The community stopped speaking openly afraid of the judgement of others. The wife on the other hand wanted to keep the girl from what was happening around her and told her stories instead of princesses and …show more content…

She began spreading word about positivity and helped build the kingdom she had dreamed of. It was full of peace and positivity where people were not judged over what they cannot control. The wife went outside her community and held rallies for women's rights once again speaking of how they deserved a safe place to walk where they don’t need to be trapped behind a wall of fear. She spoke of how she didn't want her daughter thinking she did not have a say in the community she is forced to live in. The riots still continued despite the message she was trying to portray in her speeches. She decided that she should continue shielding her daughter until it stops. She spoke to her friends and neighbors for advice. “Homeschool the girl.” “keep an eye on her.” Later she withdrew her daughter and homeschooled her. “Don’t let her out it isn’t safe,” they said. The wife wanted to shield her so much she begged her husband for protection. In response he built her a white picket fence that no one could climb over. She planted roses alongside the fence like in the story so no one could climb over or walk around. She tended them and watered them so they'd grow tall. She made sure the house was secure so that no one could come in without them knowing. Her daughter didn’t know about what was happening outside the fences. The wife and husband no longer spoke about it around her. The house became strict and cold. One day in the cold

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