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Matt Holt was always known to be reckless, it was just one of his most dominant traits, right there next to being a genius, incredibly annoying and to an extent, handsome. Even though the boy was one of the smartest people Shiro had ever met, he also managed to get himself hurt every minute or so. When the injuries weren't cuts from snipping wires or shocks from not fixing things correctly was where Shiro came in. Matt was tough, of course, and strong, but regardless there was only a certain extent of pain he could take before he needed a gentle reminder to take a break and some care from the black paladin. The two had technically been dating for a few years by this point, but with the disappearance of the technician and the complications …show more content…

It was quickly shown that his assumption wasn't necessarily true. Matt limped up to the group of five with a cheesy smile on his face, momentarily reminding the majority of them of Lance. There was an overwhelming amount of blood covering the mans left arm, which was handing limply to his side in an unnatural way. It was evident that he was badly injured. It was a miracle that he had made it out of the battle. Shiro rushed to his side and lifted him, darting to the castle as the remaining paladins spoke to the rescued aliens. Shiro and Matt made their way to the infirmary and with Allura's help Shiro managed to clean the wound and dress the large gash. Hours later Matt woke up from the deep sleep the pain medicine had managed to put him in. He was curled up in his boyfriends bed, said man wrapped around him perfectly. "You're awake." The husky voice whispered in the darkness. There was a soft side to Shiro that very few got to see, and it was coming out now in their privacy. "Before you ask, it doesn't hurt and yes, I swear I'm okay." A heavy sigh echoed around the room. "I was worried sick... you lost a lot of blood. You could have died." "I didn't die. Aren't you glad?" Shiro chuckled at his lovers words. "Ecstatic." Matt rolled over, careful not to hit his arm. His amber eyes gazed into Shiro's dark orbs, pulling a smile from both of them. There was nothing but pure love in the air. Like a moth to a flame, Shiro found himself

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