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9/29 It all started when the Jensens put their pumpkins out on their front porch. They decided to do it a whole month early, they put them out in September. The Jensens just moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and are never outside. The Jensens have two kids, a boy in my sixth grade class, and a girl in the tenth grade. The boy in my grade is named James Mason Jensen, and his older sister is Jessie Morgan Jensen. I hope they are not as weird as the last people who lived in their house- the Cullenders. 10/16 It is now two weeks until Halloween. I talked to James for the first time at school yesterday and it seems like we have a lot in common; we both like sports, cool cars, and outdoors. I asked James, “If you like the outdoors, then why are you…show more content…
James informed me that he can’t go trick or treating until the sun goes down, because he does not want to sweat in his suit. He told me if I look dumb and fake in my vampire suit he was going to drink my blood. I sure hope James was joking around. Well, I better stop writing for tonight and get some sleep so I can stay up late and get a lot of candy tomorrow night with James! 11/1 Oh my gosh do I have a story for all of you! Well, as you know last night was Halloween and it was great, until I realized James was not joking. Right when I met James at the corner of our street, he looked crazy real in his costume. His costume looked like it had real blood on it, his teeth looked razor sharp, and he even looked super pale. We went down five or six blocks, and I almost had my bag full already! A lot of people just left the bucket outside with a sign that read, “Take One”. James helped me realize that they didn’t put please on them, so we each to half of what was left, and finished off a couple of the buckets. When we were walking back to my house after our bags were full, I asked James, “How sharp really are your teeth?” “Well Brenden, I’m gonna let you in on a secret. They are real, because I’m a real vampire. I know what you’re thinking, vampires are not real. Well James to prove it to you, I’ll show you how sharp they are,” James stated. Before I realized it, James was on top of me just biting my neck, although I couldn’t feel anything.
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