Narrative Essay About Halloween

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It was a foggy night on Halloween Many think that the barrier between our world and the underworld are at the weakest point well let's find out Me and my friends love Halloween we can be anyone or anything for only one day out of the year.Every year me and my friends lucy,who is a more scientific person believes every thing should be proven she has black hair blue eyes Parker,wants some money he has blond hair and green eyes and Eleanor is a scaredy cat she has white hair and brown eyes.we take a trip to my parents cabin in the louisiana swamp It is great this time of year because we always go looking for unusual things out of this world things paranormal things. We always see something but you never let them see you! “Get the stuff …show more content…

In the black of the night in the bushes behind us we heard a hair raising murmur right after that a face appeared or at least I thought it was the body was transparent it blended in with the fog I welled “ghost” It also looked like a pirate so I said Pirate” the loud noise of my yelling caught the attention of something even more dangerous splash a 30 foot gator jumped out of the water in-shock I stood still I was petrified then lucy slapped me it hurt the sting was horrible I looked over it wasn’t lucy it was a bat the wigs were horned I held my face in pain and fell to the ground completely forgetting about the 30 foot gator that lurked below but it didn’t forget about me it lunged out of the water I covered my head closed my eyes waiting for the pain then a loud bang the pain never came I opened my eyes there was a very large man at least seven feet tall with a large black beard he extended his arm down to help me up it took his arm and

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