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For many, coffee symbolizes the beginning of another day of work or school. They might purchase a cup from a local coffee shop, a national chain, a diner or restaurant, or simply make it themselves. Especially in larger shops, baristas concoct a multitude of different coffee-based beverages, such as frappuccinos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. Customers can customize each beverage to their individual taste by substituting almond milk or coconut milk, or by adding in different flavors. Some people go for a no-frills black coffee, while others make complexity a competition. With the different types of drinks come different prices-- some shops still offer coffee for a dollar, while many charge upwards of five-- depending on the beverage. Much …show more content…

In total, to commute to UW Milwaukee would cost about $10,293 plus gas and other car-related expenses. To stay on campus would cost about $20,289 per year. At University of Washington, however, I would have to pay out-of-state tuition for at least the first year of living in the state. The University of Washington will only consider a student as an in-state resident if they gain financial independence from their parents, have severed all legal ties to their home state, have reestablished those ties, such as a driver's license and voter registration, in Washington State, have resided in-state for 12 months before the start of term, and find off-campus employment at least 30 hours per week (Residency). Theoretically, if I could fulfill all those requirements, I could receive in-state tuition; realistically, that would not happen, especially the off-campus work requirement and the financial independence requirement. The university charges much more for out-of-state students; tuition comes in at $34,791, about triple the in-state rates. That does not include books, housing, meal plan, and other expenses. All in all, out of state students must pay around $49,986 (Total Cost of Attendence). University of Washington’s costs over twice that of UW Milwaukee’s on-campus cost and almost five times the rate for commuting.
UW Milwaukee and University of Washington both also

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