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I guess that I will start with my interests. Right now they lie in writing novels, geology, and paleontology. Geology, is the study of minerals, rocks and stones, and Gems. Paleontology is the study of extinct animals, such as the Dodo Bird, or the Titanoboa. I have already began several books, and three short stories, but I have not finished a single one. My stories seem drab, or rather, they don’t have that certain pull, that is needed to convince the reader that they want to read it. I am hoping that at the end of this year, I will have gained the knowledge to make my stories much more interesting. ( I also need help with my verbs, and adjectives, and pronouns, all of it. They were forgotten over the summer, and I can’t seem to …show more content…

For my similarities, there have a couple. My first is question two. You asked “ What do you hope your child says about his experience in high school.” My Father put down “I hope he says that his experience was great, he made a lot of friends, and learned a lot. “ my answer was, “I hope that I will like my experience. I was really looking forward to meeting my new teachers.” Another similarity was in question three. You asked, “ what was your experience like in high school.” Their reply, was” Pretty good! High school did a lot to prepare me for college.” I answered with” So far so good. English advanced 9 A, is a little challenging though.” My final similarity, is question five, You inquired” How and when would you like me to be in touch with you this year.” My father put down,”Phone, in the evening’s.” I wrote” Phone, and google classroom.”( now I can’t use my phone, because it crashed last wednesday, so I cannot use it.) That is all for my similarities.

My conclusion is this: There are pretty much the same amount of similarities as there are differences, three similarities and three differences. Me myself put down a few unique answers, but mostly they were dull, boring answers. I was shocked at how many similarities My parents and I had, about the questions. I thought we

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