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It was the year 2666 and there was a kid named Jack and he was with his family one day and he wanted to go play with his friends so he called them. “Hey Shaun would you like to come over to my house to play?” Jack said calmly,

“Yes I would like to but let me ask my parents first to see if I can come over to your house” said, Shaun.
So Shaun was a kid that liked to play games on his Xbox 98 x so he played “World of War 5” Shaun’s parents said that he could go and play with his friend. Since it was the year 2666 there were cars that didn’t need gas and were able to hover over the ground. While Shaun was running to Jack’s house he noticed some strange things happening but he didn’t want to follow it. When Shaun arrived at Jack’s house he …show more content…

They all thought for a minute to think on how to tell their families on what was about to happen to them. The men showed up and they said “Why the heck would a group of five kids wander into a secret area” . And then the men also said, “Are plan is ready and we are going to blow up the continental U.S” . And so the kids were about to lose their families so they all prayed and then they heard a speaker said, “We will launch the nukes in and launch the nukes” . The kids then woke up confused and Jack said, “Why the heck would people do such a thing” . Jack, whispered “Let’s look around and see if we can find what the plan was for” . So they searched and searched and found out that the men wanted to cause chaos in the world so they could control what was left. The group found the elevator so they could escape the vault. Billy, insisted “Can somebody go and see if they can find a button to escape this dreadful place?” . So shaun went to search the vault to find the button to open the elevator. Then jack reported “I have this weird thing on my arm it says pip-boy let me try it on the control panel” . Wilson stuttered, “Be careful that might activate some sort of trap that could kill us”. Then shawn yelled, “Hurry there is some weird creatures coming and I don’t want to die today” , Jack stated, “Ok I am trying to get it to work and I got it you

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