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Have you ever felt so nervous in your life that your mind ached with anxiety. It was the final race in my seventh grade track season, but little did I know my anxiety became the least of my worries.
The loud roars from the crowd raced through the stadium like a thousand lions chasing a herd of gazelle through the thin metal bleachers. The loud bang of a gunshot into the air was like a twelve gauge firing at a flock of ducks taking off into the air. I took off at the speed of a bullet speeding through the air on that charcoal black track in that 400 meter dash.
I blew a steady pace throughout the race. I was neck and neck with Isaiah and the fastest kid from the Des Moines boys track team. As we were halfway around the track, I was breathing heavily. Hearing the crowd cheering, I felt as though I lifted the whole crowd on my shoulders. Later on, I was jogging. Saving my energy to zoom …show more content…

Before I started up again, I thought to myself “Just keep swimming” as Dory said in the movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Hearing the loud screams from the crowd made me hop to my feet and continued on with the rest of the race. I started half jogging, half limping, across the track, by the time I finished everyone has finished except me. The crowd was packing up as after Isaiah finished.
As the meet ended I started walking with Isaiah to the rest of the team, I was stopped by Coach as he said to me “That was one hell of a stunt you pulled out there, but the most important part is you finished the race and believed in yourself to finish the race.” I was in shock from what he said. I was voiceless. I had no clue on what to say.
A few hours later we arrived back in Ames and we went out to eat at this restaurant called Hickory Park. The thought of food made my mouth water. The smell of greasy pizza going down my throat and the smell of creamy Mac and Cheese made my stomach growl for

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