The Football Team-Personal Narrative

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Starts In the morning I step out of my car and it is pitch dark and eerie quiet, it's early morning the day after a tragic football game and everyone is tired and anticipating the meet ahead. We all sat mumming with each other and feeling comptable. When I hear the push, hum of the school bus arriving up the drive. Everyone is ready just to get on the bus to sleep. When on the bus I can't get to sleep because I'm sharing my seat with a girl and the bus driver doesn't stop talking. We show up at the meet and i'm waiting for the tent to be put up so I can lay my bag down. My shoulder was aching and the grass was scratching my leg. During the warm up I was thrilled because two male teammates decided to run with us. They both smelt magnificent. …show more content…

Barley in I could hear the pummel of feet, the clicking of spikes striking rocks, heavy breathing, and the crowd encouraging me. I was working ardous to think clearly and not let the sweat dripping off me and heat disturb me. I couldn't smell anything because i was breathing heavily. After the race a man gave me water and i was to drained to raise it. But i did and it chilled my throat with satisfaction. I sprinted to inspirit my teammates when their heat begin and it felt excruciating to hoist my legs. I knew Jonah and Noah would be rounding the corner soon and heading to there shoot. I strained my throat to shout as Jonah come in second place. Soon after Noah did not show after that. I started to panic because I know he should have finished by now. As each person passed I felt my heart squeeze tight and become rigid. hearing my teammates beside me questioning each other and stating things that may have occurred. I swung around and darted toward the other direction of Finish. After talking to a friend and a couple acquaintances. I heard someone had collapsed from heat exhaustion. I started to lose it and could feel my eyes filling with water. When I saw my teammates jogging to a

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