Essay Proposal For Teenage Pregnancy

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A Modest Proposal to a Tragic End to Teen Pregnancy With One Little Needle See a young mother the age of sixteen; with her baby living off welfare and begging for more assistants. Teen pregnancy overall is a raped on going occurrences in our society. Teen girls cannot just rely on themselves, these girls rely on their parents and/or the state. Having a child just brings more complication into their lives. To help stop this ongoing occurrences by law, the state should have to sew up the vagina of all young girls from the age twelve to twenty-five and married. My mom learned the hard way with having a baby while still in school, she told me how stressful it was to do her school work, raise a child and work full time without even having the baby’s dad to help or her parents. The show “Teen Mom” shows the struggle of having to grow and give up on opportunities because of one mistake. Not only does this affect the mother but it also affects the child that will have to grow up with one parent or hardly getting by or watching the stress eat way at their parents. Firstly, the pregnancy rate is outrageous and…show more content…
Here maybe not so much, but in Africa they can cause infections, STDs and disease from not sterilizing their equipment. Then going on there are many teen moms that are fantastic moms. They are still in school, the have a job, and they raise their child. They learn to grow up and make the decisions not only what they want for themselves but also the life of their child. I go to school with many teen moms and let me tell you they are the best people you could meet. In my votech class there is a student having her second child (didn’t learn from the first one), but she is so ahead instead of waiting the last minute she has finish almost everything. So therefore not all teen moms are awful human beings they just make mistakes, but those who can’t step and raise that child that’s when it becomes a
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