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Buyer Behavior Final Exam Essays Part 2: Short Essays (3 points) Please answer ALL 3 essay questions below. Each essay is worth 1 point. 1. Assuming an American retailer is considering opening an electronics store. Based on the information below, would you recommend Mexico or Ireland as a more attractive foreign market? Why? Be sure to explain the benefits of each country, and then why you ultimately chose one over the other. | Power Distance | Individualism | Masculinity | Uncertainty Avoidance | Total Cultural Distance from US | USA | 40 | 91 | 62 | 46 | | Mexico | 81 | 30 | 69 | 92 | 86 | Ireland | 28 | 70 | 68 | 35 | 37 | Based on the above information, I would recommend Ireland as a more attractive foreign…show more content…
Cultural distance – countries with low CD scores are more similar and tend to value the same type of consumption experience so for this reason the low CD score of Ireland against the US, makes it a more appealing market. 2. In class we discussed the relationship between expectations and satisfaction. Using the expectancy/disconfirmation theory , please answer the following questions: What were your expectations for this CB course? (e.g. Did you enter class expecting an A?) W hat were the sources for these expectations? Based on the expectancy/disconfirmation theory, explain how your expectations affected your overall satisfaction with this class. I honestly was expecting to get an A on this class as it seemed an easy one. I have been able to keep a perfect score since I started school a couple of years ago but unfortunately my life got complicated when I accepted the job I have, which recently demanded a lot more traveling, not to mention that I am in the process of start a new business after purchasing a retail store a couple of months ago. The sources of my expectations were based on my previous semester experience and the open communication with my professors. I had certain flexibility and the due dates were always in accordance with my traveling schedule but this time things didn’t go as smooth as they did in the past. I had a perfectly

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