Neo Smartphone : A New Creation

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NEO smartphone is a new creation I have established in the UK markets. It is a smartphone similar to iPhone and Samsung but better and cheaper and long lasting. I got this idea, as not everyone is able to afford other expensive gadgets. I conducted this and did our market research in the U.K and according to us I decided to set up the business in the U.K and thought it’s the best location through our market research. Our company is in a partnership at the moment and if the product is successful we would change it and make it into public ltd company. As a partnership each member has put in £20,000 for the making of the product to the final step in selling the product. The project is estimated to be about £200,000. Our business is located in London the capital of the United Kingdom due to good geographical factors. London has a good population that will allow Neo to gain a market share and also its connects to the outer circle and leads to roads to different cities in the U.K and is also accessible by airports and motorways. I am going to start by selling the product through agents in London and if Neo starts to gain market share I will expand the business and get agents in other cities like Newcastle, Liverpool and Birmingham. The advantages and disadvantages of a Private ltd company Restricted Liability: It implies that if the organization experience money related misery due to typical business action, the individual resources of shareholders won 't be at

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