Establish A Marathon By El-Khalil Essay

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When people consider making the world a more peaceful place, their first thought is not to organize a marathon in one of the most damaged countries on Earth. After an almost deadly accident, May El-Khalil decided to make a difference in her life. But what she did not know, was that a small town woman that made a difference in her life would also make a difference on a global scale. When El-Khalil was abruptly struck by a bus her life changed and because of this she was able to change the life of thousands of other lives as well. Because of El-Khalil's lack of ethos and logos, her audiences are able to understand how emotionally passionate she is about how a marathon can help peace around the world. The use of ethos is vital in the majority of papers as it can provide support what the writer is saying. “I personally met with people from all walks of life ­­mayors, NGOs, schoolchildren, politicians, militiamen, people from mosques, churches, the president of the country, even housewives.” May Khalil used ethos at this point to show her passion and all her connections she has. By stating that she explored all walks of life for example including that she talked with the president of the country really backs her up. She also mentions meeting with everyone, even down to…show more content…
The use of ethos, logos, and pathos in papers is important as it is how a writer persuades someone to join the revolution they are leading. It does not matter how small or large the revolution is. Being able to use facts, emotions, and the art of being able to reason with is vital to the integrity of a paper. After El-Khalil had her tragic accident, she did not just sit down and curl up into a ball. She moved forward making a difference in her life, her community, and in the world by taking action and making a change for the
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