Established Dna Databank

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A DNA databank is a mass index, which contains DNA profiles that can be analyzed for various purposes. DNA evidence is very useful partly because it can be analyzed from various substances and can be matched among different substances. After seeing the impact DNA evidence could have on serious crimes, many states decided to establish a databank, which would contain the DNA profiles of convicted criminals. As these databanks continue to grow, many fear that they are beginning to infringe upon citizens’ rights, since they now often contain DNA profiles of innocent people. Despite some opposition, there should be an established DNA databank containing DNA profiles of all citizens. Because of the success of DNA evidence, having a databank containing the DNA of all citizens would make …show more content…

A DNA databank would allow states to cross-reference any DNA evidence with the DNA profiles of citizens from all over the country, not just in one specific area. While DNA evidence can be very useful in criminal investigations, it is unnecessary to establish a DNA databank for all citizens. Such a databank would go against citizens’ rights, especially that of being “innocent until proven guilty.” Currently, a person may not be investigated in a crime unless there is evidence strongly suggesting that person as a suspect. If a citizen DNA databank were established, all citizens could be investigated for crimes indirectly. There is no reason to treat innocent people with such suspicion. Those who establish themselves as good citizens should be allowed to keep their privacy. In addition to the violation of rights, the possibility of hacking must also be considered. Anything that is stored electronically may allow opportunities for hackers. It is possible that hackers could alter the information stored in a DNA databank. They may also obtain the information for ulterior

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