Ethical Concerns Among The Field Of Psychology

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Ethical concerns among the field of psychology aren’t taboo, especially dating back before the 1980’s. The Stanford Prison Experiment, conducted in 1971, is considered one of the most notorious experiments conducted at Stanford University as well as in the realm of social psychology as a whole. The superintendent of the experiment, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, has faced an ethical confliction after the experiment was terminated. The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate how innocent individuals would react in a mock-jail scenario, both Zimbardo and his colleagues claimed they never expected such an outcome that occurred. Though many appraise the scandalous experiment, some view it as unprincipled and disreputable. The human subjects for the…show more content…
This was done so no bias was applicable; everyone had equal opportunity for both positions. Nine guards and nine prisoners were meant to be a part of the experiment at all times, the extra guards and prisoners of the experiment were used as back up. The prisoners stayed at the mock jail all day and night while three guards would rotate every eight hours. The guards were trained by Dr. Zimbardo, who played the role as the warden of the prison. He trained the guards loosely, no concrete details on what they were supposed to do as guards. Their only rules were to maintain the prisoners, refer to them by their prison number and to avoid physical violence. The prisoners were vaguely informed about the experiment due to wanting the subjects to adapt into their roles as well as the guards. Real police cars and officers arrested the prisoners from each individual’s home; doing the standard procedure for arrests. Some of the procedures including being pat-down and read their Miranda Rights. One by one the prisoners arrived to the Stanford mock prison setting. Each prisoner was searched, stripped and were forced to wear degrading garments. All the prisoners wore a dress with their prison number sewed into the front and back as well as a heavy ankle chain, thin sandals, and a stocking cap that they had to wear at all times. Though prisoners at the time didn’t wear
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