Ethical Dilemmas : I Am Cait

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Ethical Dilemmas in I Am Cait
On June 9th of this year, Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) introduced her new self on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, thus creating a conversation and Internet buzz about her transition as a transgender woman. The Vanity Fair issue also included an interview style article, as well as other insight into Jenner’s life as Caitlyn. Many people reacted in a positive way congratulating the courage it took to come out in such a public way, while others instantly began to criticize Jenner and her motives. Caitlyn created a conversation about the transgender community that she was joining, a community that has been suffering with a lack of voice when it comes to transgender rights and discrimination. …show more content…

With plans to have a sit down meeting with Kyler’s family, Caitlyn and her television crew prepared for the trip from Caitlyn’s secluded Malibu home to San Diego, California. Unfortunately for Caitlyn and her team they were quickly met and followed by the paparazzi; in order to make it to the Prescott’s family home without any unsolicited cameras Caitlyn had to switch cars three times to ensure that she was not being followed. There’s a sense of irony when it comes to Caitlyn’s privacy, she is so adamant to keep what little bit of privacy she can from the public and the paparazzi, but at the same time is filming a documentary style reality show about her life inviting the public into her home, showing her issues with family members, and even her new dating life. By choosing to do the reality show of her life and transition Caitlyn is selling herself to the media, she is the one making a profit off of her transition. This brings up the question of, is Caitlyn violating her own privacy in the same way that the paparazzi has violated hers? Both are making a profit by showing and broadcasting Caitlyn’s life. The next ethical dilemma that stands out is the idea that the show may be too staged. In the second episode, “The Road Trip: Part 1” Caitlyn is introduced to a group of transgender women who come from different backgrounds and are ultimately strangers to Caitlyn.

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