Ethical Ethics Of The Environment

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Many people have argued that all ethical decisions, especially ones that deal with the environment, should be made per the ethical egoist’s standpoint. However, I believe that is wrong, and in the end, will destroy our planet. Ethical egoist are people who make moral decisions based on their own interest, and the only thing to have moral standing is “me”. Basically, meaning that “I ought to do this, for what is best in my interest and my benefit.” I believe this is bad for the environment because, not everyone thinks the same way. Not everyone, views and values things the same way. So, if from an ethical egoist standpoint, people would do what they want when they want, based on their own needs, their own values, which in turn leads to the…show more content…
All they care about is how much money they could make if this pipeline is finished. It shows how some people are willing to assess the risk of a possible disaster making easy money, but this could be a counter argument to that. What if the pipeline doesn’t ever lead to a disaster? What if the money we make from this pipeline can be used to fix the environment? This brings a great counter argument because it feeds into the how ethical egoists think and how they can bring themselves into doing something that may not be morally right, but the benefits it leads to their own success trumps any morals it may consider. This thought process is why an ethical egoists view is bad for the environment because disasters are bound to happen. Everything that is man made is bound to break at some point, because humans are not perfect. So, if we thought of ourselves over the consideration of others and their environment, then we are bound to fail because for a species to survive that requires teamwork, not selfishness. How do we consider anything to have moral standing? Moral standing is when something has value for its own sake, but how do we determine that? We do not, each person has their own set of values, and views that affect the way we all make decisions. Not all values and views are just one person, though, a group of people can share the same value to something and make decisions as a group to benefit the group instead of one individual, which is called cultural
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