Ethical Hacking : Saving Our Future Essay

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Ethical Hacking: Saving Our Future
When most people think of a hacker they think of a person trying to break into a computer system to steal information or commit cyber vandalism. While this is a form of hacking, a better definition of a hacker can be found in the Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms saying that “a person who programs, computers for recreation or as a hobby.” Hacking is becoming more and more common in the world of today because the information has become more accessible through mediums like YouTube, Google, and Printed Media. According to the Christian Science Monitor a recent study shows that “three-quarters of children in the United States have their own mobile device by age 4.” With this increased access and dependency on technology, the age of the average hacker has decreased. Kids all around the world are exploring and pushing the limits in the technological field many of them not even out of college. We have loaded the world with things that are connected to the internet we call this the “Internet of Things”. Most things we connected to the internet is password protected but about half of them have the default password much like “admin” these are doorways for a malicious hacker but who didn’t close the door. With that in mind not all hacking is a bad thing, while we have people out there that are indeed breaking the law most hacking comes in the forms of education, security testing, and hobbies.
First, educating people about cyber security is an

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