Ethical Implications in the Fields of Science and Arts Essay

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The knowledge question is asking to identify and discuss ethical implications that might interfere with the production of knowledge in the field of natural sciences and arts. Ethics is defined as the moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behaviors and actions towards a certain subject. Ethical implications are the problems that a certain action would have on ethics. This particular essay title tackles the areas of knowledge of natural sciences and arts and ethics. Many knowledge issues can be associated with this topic such as “To what extent do ethical judgments interfere in the way art displays emotion and spreads knowledge?”, and “To what extent do ethical judgments limit the development of research and experimentation of a …show more content…

The sense that caused the answer was the hearing sense, whenever the word ‘kill’ is heard, the word ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’ is being triggered in the brain of a person because as children we were taught that it was bad to kill without giving us reason, therefore whenever a topic involves killing of something, we make an ethical judgment that it is wrong. However, this could also be confused as the language, however another example will make this clearer. Every person has his own perception of beauty, it could be pictures, animals, and even landscape. To perceive beauty language is not needed, humans develop an aesthetic sense, thus using sense perception to make ethical judgments.
Over the years science has developed drastically and almost every day a new discovery is made. However, in recent years there has been one major obstacle that prevents science from moving forward and coming up with new ideas that deal with certain situations and offer hope for medical treatments, this obstacle is ethics. Ethics has become the major factor that has to be considered if one is to continue his research and development in the field of science and most of the time it has prevented science from having its ‘freedom’. There have already been many sanctions against scientific development and that has decreased the rate of development of science in certain areas such as the dissection of corpses, invasive surgery, and animal testing.

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