Ethical Issues In Law Enforcement

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In the criminal justice system, the leadership in a law enforcement agency must demonstrate a high amount of ethical candor towards their officers (“Ethics and the Future, n.d. para 1). Often times, law enforcement agency leaders such as supervisors and police chiefs face numerous ethical issues while performing their duties. Because of these ethical issues, the leaders in the law enforcement agency must make sure to be careful on how they handle the ethical issues since the outcomes can not only impact the public’s view on the specific leader in question, but it can also impact the credibility of their entire police department as well.
Major Ethical Issues Facing Law Enforcement Leadership
There are five main ethical issues that can arise within a leadership position of the law enforcement. The first and most important ethical issue is in regard to the way the leader upholds himself in the presence of their fellow police officers. In society, a police department is looked too often for assistance in solving problems that arise in the community. Because law enforcement holds the ability to infringe upon a citizen’s rights, the leadership must demonstrate a high level of integrity, fairness, and respect towards everyone. For example, say a supervisor is called out to a domestic violence situation involving a man and a woman that were fighting each other. After arriving, he approaches the male suspect, introduces himself and asks what is going on. Not only are the other

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