Ethical Issues Of Harvey Weinstein

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Introduction: This report will examine the Ethical issues of Harvey Weinstein as well as providing an in-depth look into the countless sexual abuse allegations facing Harvey Weinstein and the knock-on effect that it will have on the future of his Company. The report will further identify the ethical issues associated with the Harvey Weinstein case and give an insight as to how this particular case will affect Society as a whole. In addition the report will include recommendations as to how the companies involved can improve or enhance the future of their Organisation. Business Ethics are defined as “moral principles that guide the way a business behaves” (Businesscasestudies, 2017). In order for any business or individual to act in an ethical …show more content…

(Haverda, 2017). The primary reason as to why Weinstein managed to keep these actions under wraps was a direct result of corruption in Hollywood. Since Harvey Weinstein had such a powerful role in the film industry, he was able to pressure and take advantage of his victims as well as employees, by manipulating them into keeping quite due to the fact the victims were fearful that if they reported him, Weinstein might prevent them from ever getting a role in future films due to his status in Hollywood. (iii) Deception: Another trick which Harvey Weinstein has been accused of using in an attempt to try and sexually harass different actresses and woman was the art of Deception (Romano, 2017). It has been reported that Harvey Weinstein would regularly trick actresses into coming up to his hotel room or office, for a casting and to talk about potential roles in some of his upcoming films. However, once in the room Harvey would regularly try to make advances towards these women. One Actress who spoke of a similar experience to this example was “Cara Delevingne”. (Barsanti, 2017) The effect on

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