Ethical Issues in Healthcare and Nursing: Elder Care Case Study

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Ethical Issues in Health Care & Nursing: Elder Abuse Ethical Issues in Health Care & Nursing: Elder Care The ethical issue in health care and/or nursing that is the subject of this paper will involve geriatrics or elder care and abuse by nursing staff in various settings. Elder abuse is a growing issue. This issue has existed for much longer than it has received attention in the press. Some blessings of the 21st century include innovations in health care, medicine, and related fields. Many of these advances allow for people to live longer lives, extending their life spans. As more and more people around the world gain knowledge and access about health care and nursing that can prolong life, gradually, the general life span of human beings increases. There are more elderly people on Earth than previous decades, and perhaps centuries; these numbers will only rise exponentially in the decades to come. Therefore, it is important for people of all ages to cultivate awareness of ethical issues in nursing for the elderly because there are elderly people now, and hopefully many of us will live to be elderly as well, thus, many of us who are children and adults, may find ourselves in situations where we know victims of elder abuse or we are victims of elder abuse. In the case of those who are the perpetrators of elder abuse, it is important for them to know about the laws and policies in place to prevent and penalize those who hurt elderly people, specifically in a health care
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