Reporting Elder Abuse Essay

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In the medical field, the workers are highly trained to be able to make a distinction between what is right and what is wrong. Elder abuse is becoming a serious issue in the health environment. As defined in the website,, elder abuse is: “the physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of an elderly person, usually one who is disabled or frail”. The older population consists of people over sixty-five years old. They are very fragile and sometimes they are forgotten or abused. The elderly can be victims of mistreatment in nursing homes, hospitals, or even in their own house. Nursing is the act of promoting health for others, and of providing care and security with the skills nurses have acquired. However, those who are nursing …show more content…

One example being, ”Not allowing the senior to spend money the way he/she wants, malnutrition, missing belongings, unusual activity in bank account, sudden changes in senior’s will...etc”. Often, when seniors are financially exploited, they are subject to other forms of mistreatment, physical abuse being an example. To continue, physical abuse is when a person touches an elderly person in a hurtful way. (Webster’s dictionary). There are several kinds of physical abuse that can be involved such as hitting, pinching, kicking, punching, hair pulling, or biting. This type of maltreatment is an important issue that especially concerns the older generation in nursing home or hospitals. Physical abuse can also lead to future complications in the patient’s health like forgetting to change I.V’s, leaving them outside too long, not properly cleaning them or regulating their other everyday needs. This kind of physical abuse can fall under the category of intentional neglect, where someone who is aware does not regulate their patients on time, or properly. According to a document about physical abuse on elderly, a nurse can physically abuse a patient for the reason of their lack of time to do their work because of an overload number of patient. Nurses use several tactics to make an act of abuse for example; doing the act every so often would decrease the amount of doubts from the authorities or superiors. Violent acts

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